Why I Fell in Love with Sammy Hagar…

I am not a fan of 80’s rock, although I am married to a man who is nearly obsessed with it [who incidentally insists, quite wrongly, that I am a closet rocker].   And until recently I would have told you that the only two things Sammy Hagar and I have in common is that I can’t drive 55 either and we both love his tequila, Cabo Wabo.  But I was wrong.  We do have at least one other thing in common.

What is it?  A love of cooking!

Last October my friend Tammy went to Cabo and brought back Sammy’s cookbook, ‘Are We Having Fun Yet: the cooking & partying handbook.’  She told me how funny bits of the book are and shared that it is an interesting read.

Fast forward to this Christmas when Jeff received ‘Are We Having Fun Yet’ [AWHFY?] as a gift.  While he was reading it, he would share snippets from the book – be it funny quotes about recipes or stories of Sammy’s life.  I listened with a new interest in Sammy Hagar, but didn’t get too engrossed until I was having trouble with a recipe for an upcoming class.  I’d been working on several iterations of the recipe without hitting that moment where I said to myself, “that’s it, that’s the one.”

For some reason I’m still not clear on I picked up AWHFY? and began paging through the recipes when one caught my eye – Papas Bravas.  I was so intrigued by the cooking method and by the sauce that gets served on the potatoes that I immediately ran to the grocery store to buy the ingredients.  After lovingly following the instructions, Jeff and I sat down to a dinner of just Papas Bravas.  OK, we had eaten a big lunch and dinner is a bit of an overstatement – we actually just had a snack of the potatoes but they were so incredible that we could have made a meal of them.

And with a little tweaking I found the recipe I’d been hoping to serve at my upcoming class, Bring a Friend to Spain.  As soon as I finished cleaning up the kitchen I sat down to make notes and type out my version of Sammy Hagar’s Papas Bravas.

What have I learned?  That although I’m not a fan of 80’s rock, I am a fan of Sammy Hagar.  I still can’t drive 55.  I still love Cabo Wabo tequila.  And I suspect that the next time I make something from AWHFY? I’ll Fall In Love Again!!!

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