Update Monday MmmMmmMmm:…and Chocolate Lava Cake

I sort of left you hanging last night…..by the time I finished my post, I still hadn’t baked my chocolate lava cakes….so I thought I’d end the suspense.  I’m sure you figured this out on your own, but the cakes were WONDERFUL!

I was a little worried that the LONG resting time might affect the outcome in a negative way, but it did not.  The cakes were dense with a warm, oozy center….mmm mmm mmm!!!

While the cakes baked for about 12 minutes, I had some fun decorating the plates with the caramel.  I wanted to see what would happen if I put the caramel into a squeeze bottle – you see, I wasn’t sure if it was too thick to “pipe” onto the plates.  As it turns out, it was just the right consistency.  I used a funnel to get it into the bottle and had to wait a few minutes for it all to drain through the funnel, but it wasn’t bad at all. The squeeze bottle made it easy to get the caramel right where I wanted it on the plates….



After decorating the plates, I waited for the timer to buzz…..when it finally did, I wasn’t sure the cakes were done.  I know they’re supposed to be soft in the center – after all, they are lava cakes – but they just didn’t look “set enough” on the edges; so I left them in for one more minute.  And I’m glad I did.

They unmolded perfectly.  I ran a knife around the edge and turned them out onto the plates.  The recipe indicated that you needed to leave the ramekins on the plate for approximately 1 minute so the cake would slide out of the ramekin; but my cakes slid out as soon as I overturned them.

They were perfectly cooked and looked quite pretty on the zigzag of caramel.

Unmolded Lava Cake

An easy to make dessert and the perfect end to my Monday MmmMmmMmm!!!!

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