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un·der·dog [uhn-der-dawg]
1. the competitor least likely to win a fight or contest
2. a person in adversity or in a position of inferiority


After seeing Millersville play Shippensburg in field hockey yesterday, I can only imagine the coach’s motivational address to the players prior to the game….I imagine she included something to the effect of, “Leave it all out on the field!” because that is exactly what the team did!

These ladies were not expected to win.  After all, Shippensburg was ranked No. 1 in the country and Millersville had not beaten Ship since 1999.  Oh, but there is power in having nothing left to lose.  There is power in being underestimated!

From the moment the Millersville team walked onto the field, there was no doubt they were there to win!  They played smart, stayed calm and worked together.  They scored early – 2 minutes and 52 seconds into the game, Katelyn Zap got the goal with an assist from Ashley Weber.  Then Millersville spent the next 67 minutes and 8 seconds defending their lead.  They kept the pressure on the Red Raiders and thwarted their attempts to score.

I thought Tuesday’s game against Bloomsburg was the most exciting field hockey game I’d seen – and, until this one, it was.  In this game both teams play hard, but ultimately the underdog prevailed.


Tonight Millersville faces West Chester.  Unfortunately I will be listening to the audio stream on the web and will not be in the stands.  I am sad to miss the game, but am one incredibly proud aunt!  I love Ashley’s can-do spirit.  I love her balance of beauty, brawn and brains.  I admire her perseverance and her committment to her team.  Although they weren’t expected to win, they snuck up on Bloomsburg and they snuck up on Shippensburg.  I wish the team the best of luck tonight!

“Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man.”

Iain Duncan Smith

Click here to see more pics from the Millersville vs. Shippensburg field hockey tournament game on 10/26/12.

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