Trying Something New

We all have our issues. I sure have my share (I know there are those who would argue that I have MORE than my share).  But this morning I am feeling so sorry for my little four-legged girl, Kissy.  Kissy is the living embodiment of love.  She wants 3 things out of life – food, to love, and to be loved.  Like me, she doesn’t necessarily want them in that order every day!  She is sweet and calm.  She is funny and beautiful.  And she has more than her share of health problems.

She had two entropion surgeries in the month before we rescued her.  Entropion is a turning in of the eyelids, which causes the lashes to rub against the surface of the eye. She also has chronic ear infections, severe skin allergies, thyroid issus, chronic eye issues (likely from the entropion), a bum back leg, and an ever-present odor, which we refer to as her “funk.”  Yet she is perfect!

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This morning I took her to the vet for a re-check.  She is a frequent flier at Animal Health Care Center in Hershey, where they take EXCELLENT care of her.  A re-check for Kissy means checking her eyes, ears, thyroid, and skin.  Then it means adjusting her meds accordingly.  Last time we visited – or maybe it was two times ago – the vet changed her to a gluten-free diet.  The vet also took Kissy off steroids, which she had been taking in maintenance dosage for a lllooonnnggg time.  At her last visit things were looking up.  At this visit, we’ve gone back a step or two.

Kissy’s face is swollen again, her ear infection is back and her skin is itchier than usual.  It’s certainly not for lack of preventative maintenance.  Kissy showers twice weekly (with a little help of course) with medicated shampoo.  She has twice weekly ear cleanings, daily eye cleanings and meds, and a modified diet.  So we’re adjusting meds and hoping for the best.  She is just the sweetest little girl and doesn’t deserve to suffer.  BUT, she is an incredible example of making the best of a bad situation.  Despite her many issues, she is in a good mood 99% of the time.  It’s rare to see her look sad or lethargic.  She is always happy to see us and other people AND never misses an opportunity to snuggle.

So please pray for Kissy!

While I was in Hershey, I decided to try something new.  I stopped in to Desserts etc. on Chocolate Avenue (right near Kissy’s vet).  What a great stop it turned out to be!  Because Kissy was in the car, I knew I’d be getting my order to go.  But that didn’t stop me from snapping a few photos while I waited my turn in line.

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Although Mondays are two-for-one cupcake day and I was very tempted to order one Banana Fluffernutter cupcake and one Candied Bacon cupcake with Maple Glaze and Cream Cheese Icing to share with Jeff, I refrained.  Instead I ordered a gluten-free (in Kissy’s honor) quinoa, orange and cranberry breakfast cookie and a cappuccino – TO GO.

My cookie was packaged in a cute little brown box and my cappuccino was efficiently prepared.  I was out the door fairly quickly (there were several people in front of me, but the line moved as fast as possible).

Once back in the car and  headed for home I realized I didn’t put any sugar in my cappuccino.  If you’ve been reading for a while you know I typically consider coffee a milk and sugar delivery system; but the cappuccino from Desserts etc. didn’t need even one grain of sugar.  It was PERFECT.  The temperature was just right and the coffee tasted smooth without a hint of bitterness.

I waited until I got home to eat my breakfast cookie.  I figured if Kissy had to wait for her breakfast, then I would too!  The cookie had a terrific taste – I could really taste the orange and cranberry.  The texture was kind of funky though – VERY crumbly but not exactly dry. I’m glad I didn’t even attempt to eat the cookie in the car because it would have been extremely messy.  But truthfully, I would definitely order it again because the flavor was really delicious.

I’ve been mulling over whether Desserts etc. is expensive.  It’s funny, when I was working full-time I would probably not have even given the cost another thought; however since I am being more frugal these days, to me it felt (is that the right word?) expensive for what I got – although the flavors were great.  Of course, when I consider that it’s not a chain and I think about the variety of pastries that were available and I consider the cost of ingredients for my gluten-free treat, I would say it is worth the money!

I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.  Having been there on a Monday morning, I cannot tell you what the crowd is like when you might go, but if I were you I would plan on take-out.  As I said, there were only a few tables and one seating group.

Overall I’d rate Desserts etc. as follows:

  • Variety = A+
  • Taste = A+
  • Service = B+
  • Cost = B-
  • Value = B
  • Decor = A
  • Convenience for Dine-In = C
  • Convenience for Take-Out = A

If you’ve been there or if you give it a try, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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