The Best Vacation Ever: Part VI

Day 6 AgainOK, let’s pick up on the adventure Jeff and I had for our 10th anniversary in Maine……

August 8, 2003

“Another early day – I’m beginning to see a trend!  5:45 a.m. – uuuggghhh!!! We got up early to get in a hike before Cyd and Ken served breakfast.  We decided on Beech Mountain as our mountain of choice for the day.  Despite our prayers for blue skies and sun, our hike began in a light rain.


But what an amazing hike – I know the photos will never do it justice.  We walked through some very unspoiled scenery and saw some amazing sights – the most beautiful to me was seeing ferns growing on huge granite boulders.


Jeff’s daily injury took place early in the hike.  He was following closely behind me and I ducked to avoid a tree that had fallen over the trail.  Evidently he was so close behind me that he didn’t see it.


The next thing I knew I heard a loud thud followed by some unmentionable words.  I turned to see Jeff holding his head and sitting on the trail.  When he began to see singly again, instead of seeing double, we pressed on.  Fortunately, we are able to laugh at these things and keep going.


About an hour and a half after we had begun, and still in the rain, we found our way back tot he car and thought the fog was beginning to lift.


Cyd and Ken served the most amazing raspberry stuffed French (sorry Jeff) toast and various other goodies.  After our hike, we were so thankful for such a  nice, warm meal.


Meeting Ellen and Joe was great – we laughed our way through breakfast, talking about tent camping, their travels and the Atkins’ Diet – go figure!!!”

All this reminiscing is making me long for another trip to Maine.  After our 10th anniversary trip, I thought for sure we’d go again soon……but hopefully we will have a chance to take another trip to Maine. Although it won’t be the same – particularly because Cornerstone Cottage is no longer available to rent and Lucky and Dakota are in Heaven – it will be an opportunity to make new memories and hopefully to relax as wonderfully as we did in 2003!!!!

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