The Best Vacation Ever: Part III

If you need to catch up, check out Part I and/or Part II.  If you’ve been with me for the first two days of the journey – then you’re ready for Part III!

 “August 5, 2003

Another awesome breakfast.  Eggs still warm when retrieved from the hen-house with Maine goat cheese, fresh fruit and muffins.  This delicious breakfast sustained us through our 3+ mile walk on a quest for the dairy farm up the road, which we never found.


Fresh Eggs Page

Fresh Eggs

Lucky and Dakota were so tired upon our return that they plopped down and didn’t move for the rest of the day.  Jeff and I had other plans though.  We headed out for fresh raspberries and ingredients for dinner.  Our stop at R&L Raspberry Farm [sorry no link because their domain has expired since 2003] yielded no fruit, but Sonny’s Seafood came through again.  Steamers and crab cakes – mmm mmm mmm.

[Yes, I seriously used ‘mmm mmm mmm’ in my writing even before the blog!!!]

We quickly deposited our groceries at Cornerstone Cottage and loaded the kayaks into the car.  At Echo Lake, in our favorite spot, we learned that kayaking isn’t as easy as it looks!!! But we didn’t quit.  We wobbled our way around the lake for about an hour and improved our skills, if only a little.  We didn’t even mind the light rain we paddled through.


Our Favorite Spot


Day 3 Narrative

Back to Cornerstone Cottage for showers, dinner and a relaxing night of reading.  This is truly vacation!!!”

Since our trip to Maine we’ve become much more proficient in kayaks.  In fact, we love it so much we go as often as possible between April and Thanksgiving.  If you’ve never been kayaking, you should seriously take the time to try.  It is so relaxing it’s like a mini-vacation!  It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, explore places you can’t get to in a boat, and to disconnect from technology for a little while – but please don’t disconnect for too long, we bloggers need you!!!!

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