The Best Vacation Ever – Part II

To recap Part I:

  • Brief panic about accommodations
  • Street sign for Fayette Corners Road oddly located
  • Tired dogs
  • Oasis
  • Bee stings
  • Benadryl
  • Hattie’s Chowder House in Hallowell, ME

On to Part II:

“August 4, 2003

Today was so relaxing.  We drove to Echo Lake and the boys swam until they could barely more anymore.  I sat on a rock listening to the water and learning how to use the new camera (which explains all the pictures of the water and rocks in various degrees of focus).  We also met Tucker – a very fuzzy chocolate lab who wanted to stay and play with us in the water rather than continue on his walk with his owners.

Echo Lake

Lucky Dog What a Great Swimmer


After dropping off the boys, Jeff and I toured the garden.  It is huge, lush and surrounded by a hand-crafted fence overflowing with Morning Glory.  We couldn’t believe the abundance and were surprised to see some VERY large pumpkins – SCARY large!!!


I tried to go into the hen-house to conquer my fears, but adrenaline got the best of me and I hightailed it out of there.

Hen House

Next we walked up to Home Nest Farm to visit the animals.  We met two horses and a llama. We watched them eat for a while, laughing at the “table manners” of the llama – he ate with gusto!!!  Then we walked in the opposite direction on Ellis road for about an hour to stretch our legs before going grocery shopping.

Eating with Gusto



I must admit, grocery shopping on vacation is much more appealing than doing so at home.  It helps to be in a nice store link Hannaford – the next best thing to Wegman’s. [Keep in mind this is before we had a Wegman’s in Central PA and before it went downhill.] We did a small tour of the outskirts of Augusta and then stopped at Sonny’s Seafood to pick up our dinner – fresh Maine corn on the cob and three live lobsters!

Sonny's Sign


Back at Cornerstone Cottage, Jeff started dinner and I showered and got directly into my pajamas.  What could be better than a salad with greens picked fresh from the garden, fresh corn and sweet, succulent lobster?  Eating all this in your pajamas – OF COURSE!!!”

Although the trip was over 10 years ago, it feels like it was just yesterday.  Going back through the journal is bringing back some wonderful memories!

Have you ever been to Maine?  Tell me about your experience!