Wow Bacon!

Recently I had the opportunity to try a new microwave tool – the WowBacon.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  Just a few days before I received the WowBacon I cooked a few slices of bacon in the microwave on a plate lined with paper towels with iffy results.

Wow Bacon! in Package (800x385)

It’s only fair that I tell you that I RARELY use my microwave for anything other than heating my coffee in the morning.  In fact, for about 14 years Jeff and I didn’t own a microwave. And we probably wouldn’t own one now except it was already in the house.  We don’t have anything against microwaves, we just got so used to not having one that we learned it was something we could live without.

During the “No Microwave Years” we did crazy things like heat leftovers in the oven or on the stove, cook bacon in a pan on the stove top or a sheet tray in the oven, and boil water in a pot.

But – as often happens – I digress!

Anyway, back to the WowBacon.  It is REALLY easy to use.  The instructions on the package are very easy to follow and accurately written.

Package Instructions (800x434)

You simply remove the lid and the cooking vanes or cooking rack, slide the bacon onto the vanes, reattach the lid to the vanes, place the vanes into the container and clip the WowBacon shut.  Then you put it in the microwave and depending on the wattage of your microwave you cook the bacon according to the time on the package.  I found that to get my bacon crisp I needed to cook the bacon one minute longer than the recommended time.  I have a 1000W microwave and the bacon was done in about 5 minutes.

WowBacon Out of Package (800x530)

WowBacon Open (800x530)

Cooking Rack (800x434)

Bacon Slices on Cooking Rack (434x800)

Bacon After Cooking with over a quarter cup of grease (800x485)

The bacon was easy to remove from the vanes and the WowBacon cleaned up VERY easily in warm, soapy water.  FYI, it is dishwasher safe.  The thing that amazed me most about the WowBacon was the amount of grease that cooked out of 6 slices of bacon.  After I removed the bacon from the vanes, I poured the grease into a measuring cup and was surprised to find that over 1/4 cup of fat cooked out of the bacon.  That’s amazing!

Cooked Bacon (800x530)

Bacon After Cooking with over a quarter cup of grease (800x485)

Although I appreciate the ease of use, the quick cooking time and the amount of fat I was able to remove from my meal; there are two downsides. First, I found the taste of the bacon wasn’t nearly as good as when I cook it in the oven or on the stove top.  I don’t know if it’s because so much fat came out of the bacon, if it’s microwave cooking in general or if it’s a product of using the WowBacon.  I much prefer the taste or traditionally cooked bacon, but if you need bacon cooked quickly or if you are crumbling the bacon into a recipe (rather than eating just a slice of bacon with eggs) the WowBacon is definitely a great tool. The second downside is that you can only cook 6 slices of bacon at a time.  If you have a family of four and want to cook bacon for breakfast, you’d have to do two rounds of cooking with the WowBacon and in that time you could just about cook it on the stove top or in the oven.  Of course, you’d have more mess than with the WowBacon.

Overall, I’d give the WowBacon 3 M’s out of 5.

I was able to make a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with pesto in just the time it took to cook bacon.  Because I didn’t have to watch the bacon on the stove top, I was able to multi-task and cook the bacon and egg and toast the bagel all at once.  The pesto was already made and I just put a slice of cheese from the fridge on the sandwich.

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sammie with Peso (800x530)

The WowBacon lead to WowBreakfast!!!

Have you tried the WowBacon?  What are your thoughts?