Investing in the Future

Over the years Jeff and I  have made our share of financial mistakes and learned our share of financial lessons.  To quote my friend Andy, for a while Jeff and I were a “financial train wreck.”  But in 2001 we decided to do something about it.  Since then we have paid off all our debt, except our mortgage, and have done what we can to help others either become debt free or start off on a firm financial footing in their marriages.  Neither of us has a formal education in finances; but earning a degree from the School of Hard Knocks sure teaches you A LOT!!!

Today we spent the day with two great couples who will be married in the next few months. We shared our story with them, looked at what the Bible says about handling finances, and hopefully taught them some practical tools for paying off debt and living debt-free.

We also ate well!  You know I love a good opportunity to cook for other people and today provided one!  So yesterday I spent the majority of the day shopping and preparing food.  I was in my element.

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Manly Cookies

My husband, Jeff, has been having a challenging week at work. One of those Murphy’s Law kind of weeks – “anything that can go wrong will.” You know that kind of week….you’ve HAD that kind of week.

As he was telling me about some of the challenges yesterday, he said, “Ryan and Zach (co-workers in his department) really stepped up and I really appreciate it.” The HR in me kicked in and asked him, “Did you tell them?” To which he replied, “Not yet.”

I wholeheartedly believe in expressing my appreciation for people’s actions – and so does Jeff; however it does not always occur to him as quickly as it does to me. Maybe it’s the difference between men and women, maybe it has to do with our upbringing, maybe it is the time I spent working in HR, or maybe it’s just how we’re wired. Either way, it doesn’t matter – as long as we eventually do it!

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Hope & Soap

Saturday night was full of fun and laughter.  We spent it with 3 couples from church enjoying a meal, playing games and competing in a cookie bake-off.  Don and Rena invited everyone over for the evening and came up with the idea of the cookie bake-off.  Don and Rena provided the main course, each couple contributed a side dish and each person brought a batch of home-made cookies.

Jeff and I plotted and planned throughout the week and didn’t tell each other until Saturday morning what kind of cookies we each were baking.  I decided on Lavender Shortbread Hearts with Lemon Filling and Jeff made Triple Chocolate Pistachio.  We engaged in the kitchen ballet while making our cookies and trying to stay out of one another’s way.

After arriving at Don and Rena’s house, we ate dinner and talked.  Somehow the subject “To Which Click Did You Belong in High School” came up.  We had fun telling stories about our younger selves and learning more than a little about one another!

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