The Best Vacation Ever: Part VII

Whew….I’m about halfway through reliving a wonderful trip to Maine….if you haven’t stayed with me on this journey, you can go back and read any of the days you missed:

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, or Part VI.

I assume you’re on track now…….

“August 9, 2003

While I showered, Jeff struck up a conversation with some other guests and as it turns out, they’re from Dillsburg – and they run a kennel – what a small world!!

Reluctantly, we checked out and said goodbye until next year to Cyd and Ken.  I do not doubt that we will return to the Kingsleigh.

In search of new wedding bands – as a celebration of our 10th anniversary – we set out for Northeast Harbor – the “artsiest” town we had seen so far.  We went into Shaw Jewelers and found some beautiful rings, but none were “it,” so we left the harbor and had our first argument of the trip (and hopefully our last). Sadly, it was over hot dogs – well really more about both of us being hungry and somewhat wishy-washy about where to go for lunch.

After leaving Northeast Harbor, we went to the Jordan Pond House in Acadia only to find a long wait and over-inflated prices.  Not wanting to spend $17 on soup I said I though we should go somewhere else and that set Jeff off – we argued until we found The Lighthouse.   As Jeff let me out of the car, I was cursing him – something like, “a$$O, make me get out in a puddle…..”  Later I found out that he was cursing me as well.  Fortunately, we laughed about it and moved on.

We also had a good laugh over the Help Wanted sign in the window and the SSSLLLOOOWWWEEESSSTTT service we’d ever seen. It seemed as though our server – the only one in the dining room – had been walking past the restaurant, minding his own business, when someone pulled him quietly aside and said, “Psst, buddy, wanna make a few bucks?  You just have to pretend to be a waiter.”



We shared a Caesar Salad and had some Lobster Stew then headed for the Loop Road in Acadia and for Cadillac Mountain.  When we got to the top of the mountain, we could see only about 5 feet in front of us because it was so foggy. But we imagined the view would be incredible if there actually was one!!

Boat Garage

After Cadillac Mountain, we set off for Acadia Woods Kennel to spring our boys and journey “home.”  Laughing, we stopped to take a picture of the boat garage and made it back to Cornerstone Cottage as quickly as possible.  Once back we heated the leftover sexy pasta and went to bed.”

Reading this post reinforces the idea that we need to return to Maine.  We did not have an appropriately exciting time in Acadia so we certainly should go back!

Stay tuned for the next entry – we had a wonderful meal at a “CAN’T MISS” place in Gardiner, Maine.  If you’re planning Maine adventure, it is a place you should definitely put on your to do list!!!!!

The Best Vacation Ever: Part VI

Day 6 AgainOK, let’s pick up on the adventure Jeff and I had for our 10th anniversary in Maine……

August 8, 2003

“Another early day – I’m beginning to see a trend!  5:45 a.m. – uuuggghhh!!! We got up early to get in a hike before Cyd and Ken served breakfast.  We decided on Beech Mountain as our mountain of choice for the day.  Despite our prayers for blue skies and sun, our hike began in a light rain.


But what an amazing hike – I know the photos will never do it justice.  We walked through some very unspoiled scenery and saw some amazing sights – the most beautiful to me was seeing ferns growing on huge granite boulders.


Jeff’s daily injury took place early in the hike.  He was following closely behind me and I ducked to avoid a tree that had fallen over the trail.  Evidently he was so close behind me that he didn’t see it.


The next thing I knew I heard a loud thud followed by some unmentionable words.  I turned to see Jeff holding his head and sitting on the trail.  When he began to see singly again, instead of seeing double, we pressed on.  Fortunately, we are able to laugh at these things and keep going.


About an hour and a half after we had begun, and still in the rain, we found our way back tot he car and thought the fog was beginning to lift.


Cyd and Ken served the most amazing raspberry stuffed French (sorry Jeff) toast and various other goodies.  After our hike, we were so thankful for such a  nice, warm meal.


Meeting Ellen and Joe was great – we laughed our way through breakfast, talking about tent camping, their travels and the Atkins’ Diet – go figure!!!”

All this reminiscing is making me long for another trip to Maine.  After our 10th anniversary trip, I thought for sure we’d go again soon……but hopefully we will have a chance to take another trip to Maine. Although it won’t be the same – particularly because Cornerstone Cottage is no longer available to rent and Lucky and Dakota are in Heaven – it will be an opportunity to make new memories and hopefully to relax as wonderfully as we did in 2003!!!!

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The Best Vacation Ever: Part V

So far, reliving our trip to Maine has brought many smiles to my face as I remember the fun we had and how completely relaxing it was!

You may need to catch up on Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Take your time….I’ll wait!

Ok, now that we’re all ready…..

“August 7, 2003

Another early day, but we knew we could be in the car for quite a while on our way to Acadia.  We decided to take a scenic route, which coincidentally was also the route on which the Maine DOT seemed to be doing the most road work!!!  We got stuck in traffic several times, but with a little attitude adjustment we were able to just sit back and enjoy one another and the day ahead.

About three hours after our journey began, we arrived at Acadia Woods Kennel – the destination for Lucky and ‘Kota.  Feeling a little guilty, we left them and drove out Crooked Road to Route 3 and Bar Harbor.


We strolled down Main Street, investigated the shops, made a few purchases and worked up an appetite for lobster chowder, which we were able to satisfy at Galyn’s.  We also shared some steamers and the only moose (mousse) we’ve seen since we got to Maine – Ghiardelli chocolate – mmmmm!! What a nice lunch for our 10th anniversary.  It was late in the day so the restaurant wasn’t too busy and we were able to relax and talk.

Kingsleigh Inn

After lunch we decided we should think about checking into our inn and began meandering toward Southwest Harbor.

We were pleasantly surprised when we reached The Kingsleigh Inn and met Cyd, one of the owners.  [As an aside, I believe the inn has changed owners since Jeff and I stayed there in 2003.] The smell of home-baked, warm chocolate chip cookies wafted through the house as we took our tour through the welcoming rooms.

Southwest Harbor

After bringing our luggage up to Room 4, we set off to explore.  First we walked through town and then we got in the car and began a journey around the island.

We stopped at an enchanting inlet to take some pictures and to breathe in the salt air.  The mist was cool and refreshing.

As we were driving back to the inn, we were trying to decide if we wanted to keep our reservations at Anthony’s in Bar Harbor or if we wanted to stay closer to our home-for-the-night.  This being our anniversary, I wanted to so something special and ultimately, that is just what we did.

We stayed in shorts and sneakers, put on sweatshirts and headed for the lobster pound just up the road – Head of the Harbor [no website].

Head of the Harbor

While we were deciding what to order, the mosquitoes had us for dinner.  We placed our order and asked the woman behind the counter if she would snap a picture to document our anniversary.  She said she’s be happy to, but before she came out, she got from a tank two of the largest lobsters we had seen the whole trip – one for each of us to hold in the photo.  (I guess this was the time I would get over being afraid to touch a live lobster!!!)

Anniversary Dinner

We went inside to escape the feasting mosquitoes and to wait for our dinner, which we enjoyed while laughing at the atmosphere of the place we were happily celebrating our 10 years of wedded…..bliss? Like all marriages, it has been some bliss and some “not so much.” But we’ve made it this far together – we’ve had a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, but best of all a lot of love!!!”

If you’re planning a trip to Maine, I hope these posts are providing you some food for thought!  If not, I’d highly encourage you to add Maine to your list of possible vacation spots!!!