Summer Centerpieces

Summer is great for so many reasons – warm weather, swimming, picnics, fresh produce from the garden, vacation, kayaking, and the list goes on and on.  One of my favorite things about summer is the abundance of flowers and plants in the garden that I can use to create centerpieces for the table.

Over the years I have purchased and received as gifts some beautiful vases, but the funny thing is….my “go to” containers for centerpieces are typically recycled containers – jelly jars, mason jars, wine bottles, juice glasses, etc. I’m not sure why, but I much prefer a casual feel to a more formal one when decorating a table.  I also prefer shorter containers to taller ones – especially for a sit-down dinner because I find that tall centerpieces often impede conversation.  I save my taller vases/vessels for buffet tables.

With the idea of summer centerpieces in mind, I gathered some of my favorite containers and headed out into my yard to create a few centerpieces with what I have on hand.  I hope the ideas below spark your creativity.

Miscellaneous Containers for Centerpieces w BorderCenterpiece Containers w BorderTiny Containers for Centerpieces w BorderYou don’t have to spend a lot of money for flowers to decorate your table – go out into your back yard with some sharp cutters and an active imagination.  Think outside the box.  Look at all the plants – veggies included – in your yard to see what is appealing to your eye and then find an appropriate container to house that item.

White Pitcher with Parsley and Oregano w BorderAbove: White Pitcher with Parsley and Oregano

Small Vases of Herbs with River Rocks w BorderAbove: Tiny Vases of Herbs with River Rocks

Rhubarb in Iced Tea Jar w BorderAbove: Rhubarb Leaves in Iced Tea Bottle

Mason Jar with Coreopsis and Checked Ribbon w BorderAbove: Mason Jar with Coreopsis and Checked Ribbon

Plain Jar with Hosta Leaves and Raffia w BorderAbove: Plain Jar with Hosta Leaves and Raffia

Hydrangeas and Coreopsis Again w BorderAbove: Hydrangea and Coreopsis with Burlap Ribbon

Funky Juice Glasses of Lavender w BorderAbove: Funky Juice Glasses with Lavender

Hydrangea with Zucchini Leaves in Dotted Vase w BorderAbove: Hydrangea with Zucchini Leaves and Yellow Ribbon in a Recycled Wine Bottle

Hosta Leaf in Flat Jar w BorderAbove: Hosta Leaf in Flat Jar that used to contain fancy vinegar

Hosta Leaf in Flat Jar with Ribbon w BorderAbove: Hosta Leaf in Flat Jar with Whispy Ribbon

Several Vases Grouped Together w BorderAbove: Several Vases Grouped Together

Consider a beautiful bunch of cherry or grape tomatoes on the vine, a bowl full of eggplants or zucchini, a basket of peaches or other summer fruits.  Or, when things in your yard or sparse, think about non-green ideas like the sand and starfish below.

Beachy Centerpiece w BorderBeachy Centerpiece Eyelevel w BorderEmbellish the finished product with some ribbon, raffia or twine OR leave it bare for a natural feel. Group smaller vases for a more free-flowing look and/or nestle your vases among stones, shells, coffee beans, etc.

Those people who strictly adhere to rules when setting a table often lack imagination – say “to hell with the rules” and let your creative juices flow.  You’ll be amazed at how pretty your table will look as a result!

What are some of your favorite table decorations for summer?

The following pic although not specifically related to this post is too beautiful not to share!!!

Dewy Edges of Canteloupe Leaves w BorderCantaloupe Leaves with Dewy Edges

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    • Thanks, Steph…I had a lot of fun creating them and the house looked beautiful for a few days with fresh arrangements everywhere you looked!

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