Sipping & Sunsets

Jeff and I just returned from a fun weekend at the beach with friends.  I wasn’t feeling too well beginning on Wednesday of last week; so it was touch-and-go as to whether we were going to make it.  But I decided I could just as easily be sick at the beach as I could at home; so we set off on our adventure on Friday afternoon!

Jeff and I left the house at approximately 2:30 pm and had a nice, leisurely drive through PA Amish country and mushroom country and through Delaware on our way to Rehoboth.  The sunset on Friday evening was SPECTACULAR!!!! The colors were so vivid and every time I looked out he car window, the scene had changed in a dramatic way.  It was a wonderful start to our weekend.

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Our first meal was a winner!  Lu made ribs and hot sausage on the grill, along with a salad, a mixed potato gratin and sautéed veggies. Mmm mmm mmm!  The leftover sausages were a thread woven through the remaining meals and snacks of the weekend!  Based upon how quickly Jeff and Mark were snoring, I have to reiterate that the meal was a winner!!!!

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On Saturday morning Jeff and I and Lu and Mark went for a long walk on the beach.  We strolled through the sand – sometimes in pairs or groups, sometimes alone – thinking and talking and gazing in amazement at God’s handiwork.  Of course, we saw many dogs enjoying their time in the surf, chasing balls and greeting strangers.  I’m always happy to see doggy faces when we travel….I don’t miss mine quite so much when I can scratch behind the ears of someone else’s canine friend!

After the beach we dropped Lu off at our home base, picked up Kara (Mark and Lu’s daughter) and took a quick trip to The Fractured Prune for donuts-to-go in honor of our friend Jackson.  Holy Moly.  What a selection of donuts!  And what a fun place!

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After we returned from the Fractured Prune we straggled upstairs for showers, had a yummy lunch and then ventured out for a beautiful drive to Dogfish Head Brewery…..our ultimate destination was the tasting room!  We enjoyed the scenery on the way to DFH – the bright sun seemed to illuminate the colorful leaves from within and it made the greens greener and the blues bluer…….

The DFH campus is quite interesting.  The buildings are industrial, but beautiful in their own eco-friendly way.  There is a wood-fired “lunchbox” offering interesting food for sale (since we had eaten lunch, we didn’t sample any food, but it smelled incredible).  Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the campus is the metal treehouse, in which DFH employees are reported to have meetings.

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Jeff and I were lucky to be travelling with experienced tasters – Lu and Mark knew their way around the tasting room and kept us on track!  We each sampled four offerings – Jeff and Mark sampled four beers.  Lu and I each sampled three beers and the birch beer, which was excellent and the favorite for both Lu and I!  I kept asking, “does anyone taste rosemary in this birch beer?” and sure enough, when Jeff asked about it, we found that there is, in fact, rosemary in the birch beer.  It is a wonderful addition and adds a layer of flavor you don’t get in a typical soda. Mmm mmm mmm!

Of course, we snapped many pics while we were there – Jeff even tried out the Panavision option on his new phone!  And after we were done sampling our beers and sodas, we took a quick trip through the store.  The lone purchase….a beer glass.

Jeff’s pics:

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Upon our return to our home base, we scattered a bit.  Jeff and Mark headed out to buy cigars and a few grocery items.  Lu and her daughter, Kara, did some outlet shopping.  And I went to my happy place – the kitchen.  Saturday night was my night to make dinner so I spent some relaxing time in the kitchen prepping chicken cutlets like my grandmother used to make and a kale salad with roasted red beets, crumbled feta, spiced cashews and a spicy peanut vinaigrette.  I also slid a butternut squash lasagna that I had assembled prior to the trip into the oven to heat.

While I was cooking, Jeff and Mark returned from their adventure and headed to the back porch with cigars and a full growler of DFH Raison D’Etre to watch the sunset and solve the world’s problems.  It was nice to hear the murmur of conversation through the back door and to catch a faint whiff of smoke while I was cooking.

The timing was perfect.  I had just finished cooking, had everything warming in the oven (except the salad, of course), had the table set and had poured myself a glass of wine when Mark spied Lu and Kara pulling up to our home away from home.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner, lots of laughs, and some vintage television.  While watching t.v. my cold (or whatever this is) started to catch up with me and my eyelids became heavier and heavier.  I’m pretty sure I was in bed by 8:00 pm.  Yep, I AM getting old.

Sunday included Lu’s yummy pancakes and sausage, shopping for the girls, a trip to the beach for the guys, a quick lunch and clean up of our digs.  Then we hit the road for home.  On the way, we enjoyed ANOTHER pretty ride – clear skies and vibrant fall colors make for great travel!

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Happily, my cold didn’t slow me down too much and we had a wonderful weekend with great friends!

What did you do this weekend?

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