S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night

Yesterday was a wonderful day. To recap, we found a new spot for breakfast because our favorite spot, The Franklin Spa, is closed until February 1st.  The original plan was to do the Cliff Walk yesterday; however it was very cold and windy. So we put it off. Instead we walked around town and shopped and had some drinks and shopped and had some drinks.

We got hungry around 2:30, but didn’t want to eat too much because we were going to see some friends from church who moved to Newport last year and we were having dinner with them.  So we decided on bloody Marys and soup at the Brick Alley Pub in downtown Newport.

The wait was long, but that did not deter us.  We ordered 6 bloody Marys and settled in for our 45 minute wait. Fortunately, a bar table became available and we decided to have our soup shoulder to shoulder.  While we waited we looked at all the interesting things on the walls and, of course, talked and laughed and laughed and talked.

My Kind of Six Pack

My Kind of Six Pack

Words to Live By

Words to Live By (see center)

After lunch we walked back to the hotel for a nap and a shower. Ahhhhhh.  We came up with a plan for dinner, collected everyone’s orders, and Jeff and Jeff made a run to Anthony’s for 8 lobster rolls, some Portugese Fish Stew and a few Stuffies.

Anthonys Lobster RollWith the food safely stowed in the back of the car, the Jeff’s picked the rest of us up and we set out for the Pimpo’s House where we received a warm welcome.

We had a great night of conversation, old friends catching up and new friends being made.  Tracy and Mark are great hosts, making everyone comfortable!  We ate dinner, toured the house (which incidentally is beautiful and has an amazing view), met their three adorable dogs, and then celebrated Jeff F’s 50th birthday with a yummy cake from The Mad Hatter in Newport.

Jeff F's 50th Bday CakeThe night flew – as time always does when you’re having fun. We took a few pics to commemorate the occasion and made our way back to the hotel.

The Gang with TracyThe Gang w JanThe girls were tired so we all headed to our separate bedrooms while the guys hung in there for a few more laughs and a bit of Scotch. I know it’s a successful day when I fall into bed and am asleep in under a minute.

I couldn’t possibly be more grateful to God for blessing me with some of the most amazing friends, new and old – and of course a husband who is the perfect fit for me! I love you guys!!!!

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