On the Road

Yesterday was a LLLOOONNNGGG travel day; but this morning sitting on the deck in my pajamas watching the sun come up, enjoying the ocean breeze on my face, and having a cup of coffee I KNOW for certain it was worth it!  Here I am on the Outer Banks no longer dreaming about vacation, but living it.

We travelled from central PA to Corolla, NC with two cars containing four adults, three kids, two dogs and enough “stuff” for an army.  Jeff and I do not travel light – we had to bring a few things for the kitchen – a sharp knife, my favorite pepper grinder, tongs, a microplane grater, herb snips, a blender – you know, just the basics!

But what did we eat along the way?  We packed snacks for the trip, but had a stop planned in Williamsburg, VA.  OK, I know, when you think Williamsburg you think Colonial Williamsburg – that is NOT where we stopped.  We chose a stop at Pierce’s Pit BBQ for several reasons.  It is easy access to the highway, we’d be there right at lunch time, it’s dog friendly with many outdoor picnic tables and room for them and the kids to stretch their legs, and they have AMAZING food.

Now BBQ is not typically high on my list of favorite foods, but it is VERY high on Jeff’s list of favorites – and those of you who are married understand that sometimes “compromise” is the word of the day!  Compromise is pretty darn easy at Pierce’s Pit.  They have so many options and a really good BBQ sauce.  I ordered a pulled chicken sandwich, French fries and lemonade.  Jeff ordered a pulled pork sandwich, French fries and sweet iced tea.  The fries were addictive and the sandwich was both delicious and big enough to share with two dogs, which meant everyone got back in the car happy!


We took our time at Pierce’s Pit so that we could get some of the stir crazy from the car out of our systems, but eventually we got back on the road.  We made a stop for fresh produce at one of the many fruit markets on Rt. 158 and then headed to our final destination – Corolla.  Fortunately, I had a game plan in place for dinner.  I knew after riding in the car all day we’d be hungry for something homey, but wouldn’t want to spend too much time cooking.  So, I brought lasagna, which I put in the oven and left Jeff to watch while Holly and I headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week.

What a joy to go grocery shopping with someone who shops like me.  No lollygagging – just action.  We were armed with a well-organized list and hungry bellies so it went fast.  In fact, it’s a little frightening that you can spend $308 in a matter of minutes!   When we got back to our place, bringing in and putting away groceries went quickly – everyone pitched in so that each person only had to go up the stairs a few times.  And by the time the last item was put away, dinner was ready.  Lasagna, a yummy salad and some warm bread with olive oil dipper.  Oh, and of course a few glasses of wine and a few beers!

So, what does today hold?  Now that I’ve got a pot of taco soup simmering on the stove, some veggies and dip ready for snacking and a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge, the sky’s the limit.  I have an old friend to visit and there’s no time like the present…..if anyone needs me, I’ll be at the beach!

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