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Is there a better way to spend a Monday night than with sharing some laughs and good conversation with friends over pizza, wings and beer?

A group of us got together at Al’s of Hampden on Valley Road in Enola last night to find out. Al’s Monday Special: 35 cent Wings (1 doz minimum) / 50% off ANY Pizza (4pm-10pm – Dine-In Only) just sweetened the deal!  We met at 6:00(ish) and were off and running (or should I say chewing).  Typically when we go to Al’s we spend a good 15 minutes engrossed in the “what should we order” conversation; but last night it seemed to go much more smoothly.  Of course, we ended up with about 5 numbers on our table and our food came in stages over about a 30 minute period.  The beautiful thing about this group is that once we said a blessing over the food, everyone who had food dug right in and those who didn’t have their food did the talking.  Emily Post may have been offended that we didn’t wait until everyone had their food to begin eating; but no one at our table seemed to mind!

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Over the course of the meal, our table contained one pepperoni pizza, one sausage and pepperoni pizza, one slice of cheesesteak-stuffed pizza, one slice of veggie pizza, one slice of plain pizza, one slice of mushroom pizza, 2 dozen garlic parmesan wings, 1 dozen BBQ wings, 3 dozen hot wings, 1 dozen mild wings and beverages – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – in various flavors.  My beer – Pizza Boy’s Apricot Wheat – was wonderfully refreshing and flavorful! Pizza Boy is Al’s of Hampden’s own label and they have many varieties flowing; however they also have an ENORMOUS selection of other beers both on tap and bottled for takeout.  In fact, they have 99 taps and 3 hand pumps – so if you’re looking to try some beers, Al’s is the place to go.  The beer offerings change daily – you can find out what’s flowing by checking out their online beer list.

I love that the seats around our table were filled with people of all ages and that everyone is able to keep the conversation lively.  As an introvert, I sometimes sit back and just watch/listen to what’s going on around me.  Everything and anything was being discussed – school, literature, politics, sports, cooking, vacation plans, religion, music, etc.  I love watching the conversational shifts and how some people can participate in more than one conversation at once!

When our butts began to go numb, we decided to take our party to Lu and Mark’s backyard so that we could dip our feet into the pool and get some fresh air.  Of course, moving the party can sometimes diminish your numbers; but the conversation and fun didn’t suffer as a result. Jeff and I hung out with the Shuey’s for about an hour.  We continued talking and laughing.  The kids came and went, Lu and I toured the yard – looking at the garden and investigating what could be causing the leaves on some of her tomato plants to curl, we checked out a frog in the neighbor’s yard, and Lu taught me how to care for the pool when they go on vacation.

So to answer the question, “Is there a better way to spend a Monday night than with sharing some laughs and good conversation with friends over pizza, wings and beer?” – the only thing better is spending a Monday night sharing some laughs and good conversation with friends over pizza, wings and beer AND ending the night outdoors on a beautiful evening with your toes in the water!!!

What’s your favorite way to spend a Monday night in summer?

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  1. I’m with you, Jan, hard to top that as a great summer Monday evening with friends. Only thing that could be added is perhaps we could have been ocean side instead of poolside, but I’m getting greedy. Great blog! I enjoy all your Mmmmm’s

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