Merry Christmas Darling

Oh what fun it is… sleep late and have a luxurious morning!  That’s what I did this morning.  I woke up late – truthfully not even sure of the exact time , but I think it was close to 10:00 and spent some time in God’s word.  If I accomplish nothing else today, I have already received a great gift!

But….lo and behold, I’ve already accomplished more.

Every year, just before Christmas, we buy a panettone – a wonderful Italian cupola-shaped bread that’s buttery, yeasty and usually contains candied citrus and nuts – and I make “french” toast with it.  I have a hard time calling it French Toast when it’s made with Italian bread, but you get the drift!  This year we bought a mini panettone – the perfect size for the two of us.

I’m so glad I had the panettone on hand because Jeff’s still not feeling well and I was happy to be able to cook him a hot breakfast.  He’s usually out of the house before I wake up so I don’t often get to make him breakfast.

This morning, the batter included eggs, half-and-half, vanilla paste, sugar, and orange zest.  I served the Panettone French Toast with a side of bacon and Jeff poured some hot coffee and Green Machine juice.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Now I’m working on my backlog of posts for the blog and my next task is to put together our schedule – both of chores and social events – for the next several days.  We are lucky enough to be celebrating Christmas three times and then we have to get ready for New Years Eve, so we have to be mindful of our time.

And tonight we’re planning on a night just for the two of us.  We were going to go to dinner and movie, but we’ve revised the plan.  We’re going to stay in and eat homemade pizza and watch Elf! In my opinion, it’s the perfect plan!

At this time of year when it’s so easy to fall into a serious case of Stuffitis, I like to think about the gifts I receive all year.  The presence of family and friends and the blessings of God – including date-night with Jeff.  When I take time for this reflection, I am reminded that I am the richest woman in the world!

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