Marriage is Not a 50/50 Proposition – Neither is Brunch!

Breakfast 022013

This morning as I was eating my yummy breakfast parfait, I was mulling over the idea of gratitude and all the things for which I am grateful.  I wish I could say I start every day that way, but if I told you I do it would be a lie.  Not that I am not grateful every day, but most mornings begin with me in a somewhat grumpy mood – especially if you catch me before coffee. I am not a “morning person.”

One of the things that came first to mind this morning when I was thinking about gratitude was that Jeff made breakfast (actually it was more like brunch) for me on Sunday morning. And this act of kindness was completely unexpected!

Jeff and I generally go to the 11:00 a.m. service at our church on Sunday mornings, but I had to be at the Kitchen Shoppe in Carlisle by noon, so we went to the 9:00 service.  Of course, not being a morning person means that I slept until the last possible second and didn’t have make time for breakfast before church – not an unusual occurrence on a Sunday morning in our house!  As long as I walk out the door with a travel mug of coffee I am typically content.

On the ride home from church it dawned on me that if I didn’t eat something before I left for the Kitchen Shoppe, I wouldn’t have an opportunity to eat until 3:00 p.m.  Not that I couldn’t stand to miss a meal or two, but the thought of not eating until 3:00 was not appealing.  So I began weighing my options – you know, doing a mental inventory of what was in the fridge and in the pantry and what I could cobble together as a meal.  As I was doing this mental gymnastics, Jeff asked what time I needed to leave the house and told me he’d make breakfast. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh – no plan needed on my part.

I know it’s a little thing, but in that moment I was so thankful.  Even though I love cooking, sometimes not having to cook is a blessing!

When we got home, Jeff began executing the plan I didn’t even know he had devised.  He began slicing red peppers and onions.

He heated some olive oil in a large saute pan and added the peppers and onions.  While the peppers and onions were softening, he sliced some sausage that our friends Ben and Christa gave us.

Slicing SausageHe added the sausage “coins” to the saute pan and patiently waited while they turned a beautiful brown color.

By this time my mouth was watering and I was wondering exactly what he was up to!  To the “caramely” sausage, peppers and onions, Jeff added some of my homemade tomato sauce from the fridge.  He again patiently waited while the sauce heated and began to bubble.

Sausy BrunchWhile he waited, he put some bread into the toaster and got the eggs out of the fridge.  After the sauce was nice and hot, he carefully cracked some eggs on top and my curiosity really started getting the better of me.

Jeff put the lid on the saute pan, started the toaster, and got some bowls out of the cupboard.  When he took the lid off the pan several minutes later, the eggs were perfectly cooked!  He dished up his wonderful creation, sprinkled it with parmesan cheese (yes, he does know the way to my heart) and brunch was served. Mmm mmm mmm!

The meal he made was warm and hearty and it carried me through the day quite nicely!

I am lucky to share my life and kitchen with a husband who enjoys cooking and is really good at it.  And I’m even luckier to be married to a man who understands that marriage is not a 50/50 proposition.  Some days you have to give more than 50% because your spouse can’t give their 50%.  It’s better to shoot for 100/100 – then you are prepared if there’s a shortfall on one side or the other.

Over time you begin to see the blessing of the 100/100 way of living.  I believe it all evens out in the end – some days Jeff can’t give his all and some days I can’t.  But when we each do the best we can, we make a really good team!

Thanks, honey, for giving a 100% on Sunday brunch so I could simply photograph your process and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  I<3U!

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