Manly Cookies

My husband, Jeff, has been having a challenging week at work. One of those Murphy’s Law kind of weeks – “anything that can go wrong will.” You know that kind of week….you’ve HAD that kind of week.

As he was telling me about some of the challenges yesterday, he said, “Ryan and Zach (co-workers in his department) really stepped up and I really appreciate it.” The HR in me kicked in and asked him, “Did you tell them?” To which he replied, “Not yet.”

I wholeheartedly believe in expressing my appreciation for people’s actions – and so does Jeff; however it does not always occur to him as quickly as it does to me. Maybe it’s the difference between men and women, maybe it has to do with our upbringing, maybe it is the time I spent working in HR, or maybe it’s just how we’re wired. Either way, it doesn’t matter – as long as we eventually do it!

So the baking light bulb went off in my head – in my mind, cards and/or baking are always a good way to express appreciation. And when the light bulb went off I asked Jeff if he wanted me to bake cookies for Ryan and Zach. I expected him to give me a resounding “yes”; but instead he gave me a look that I interpreted as, “Cookies? Men don’t express their appreciation with cookies!” I was truly surprised.

So today I mulled over the question, “What are manly cookies?”

I thought about all the cookies I’ve made in my lifetime and none really stood out as exceptionally masculine; but strangely some did stand out as being more feminine – for example, the cookies I made recently for a cookie competition with friends. If you read the post Hope and Soap, you saw the Lemon Filled Lavender Shortbread Cookies. If not, take a look……

Feminine, right?

OK…..after coming up only with “girly” cookies, I got serious.  I started looking on Pinterest!  And I found a recipe for what I consider MANLY COOKIES.  On the blog entitled Heather Christo Cooks, I found a recipe for Beer, Chocolate, Peanut and Pretzel Cookies!!!! To check my idea, I texted Jeff….I asked, “What do you think about Beer, Chocolate, Peanut and Pretzel Cookies?”  His reply: “What do you think?  They are all part of the basic food groups!”

With a resounding endorsement, I made them for Jeff’s co-workers this afternoon.

Although they don’t look specifically manly (unless you photograph them with a bottle of Guinness)  – the ingredients DO speak for themselves……what’s more manly than Guinness Stout?  In my mind, Guinness is pretty manly!  Based upon Jeff’s reply to my text, it seems he agrees.

The cookies taste great.  I thought the Guinness would overpower the cookies, but it does not.  It lends a unique flavor that keeps you guessing, but complements the sweetness very well.  And in their raw form – come on, be honest….you know you eat raw cookie dough too – the Guinness gave the dough a fizziness that was pretty darn good!

We’ll see what Ryan and Zach think.  I hope they feel appreciated…..and manly!

6 thoughts on “Manly Cookies

  1. I was inspired by your desire to find “manly cookies” and decided to take on the ladies in the family for our annual holiday cookie exchange. But before I could jump in I wanted make sure my cookies were worthy of breaking the gender barrier…well beer and pretzels as ingredients, how could I go wrong? Early results indicate the women folk are going to have step up their game now that myself (and my brother-in-laws) have thrown our aprons in the ring! Of course I named them Pub Cookies to make them sound as manly as possible, I hope Heather Christo doesn’t mind.

    • So glad to hear you are taking on the ladies!!!! As much loyalty as I feel to my fellow (hahaha) ladies, I’m always glad to support men in the kitchen!!!!! I’d love it if you’d let me know how you rank!!! Happy Holidays!

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