Lunch at The Hershey Pantry

I had the privilege of spending the day with my mom and one of her oldest friends (oldest as in the number of years they’ve been friends, not her age)!  After many years on their separate paths, my mom and her friend reconnected in the last several years and I’m so glad they did.

Mrs. M (as she will forever be known to me) was like a second mom to me growing up, and her girls, like my own sisters.  There are very few memories of my childhood that don’t include their family in some way!

So when I had the opportunity to spend the day with Mimi (as we call my mom) and Gail, I didn’t pass it up – although I have to admit to a hint of reluctance since they’ve been known to spend hours talking about all the people they knew who are “no longer with us.”  I am happy to say today we talked mostly about the living!  We talked about travel and dreams and families and new life chapters and….hmmm, what didn’t we talk about?

And laugh, we laughed a lot. We laughed some at how getting older is not for the faint of heart and about how I am just beginning to suffer more frequently from Threshold Amnesia.  You know what it is.  I’m sure you’ve had it from time to time yourself.  Threshold Amnesia hits when you walk from one room to another and then cannot remember why you’re there!  Well, it’s happening to me more often lately and I’ve taken to going from room to room muttering under my breath, “scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors” as I walk so that I don’t forget that I’m on my way to get the scissors!  I’m glad I can laugh about it.  And strangely it was nice to spend time with my mom and Mrs M. today so that I could have a little glimpse of what to expect next!

One of our stops was for lunch at the Hershey Pantry.  As you can see, we did not stop laughing even during lunch. The ambiance at the Hershey Pantry was warm and inviting – especially after spending too much of the morning in a way-too-cold doctor’s office waiting room.  And I always enjoy the collection of funky teapots that line the window sills.  And oh, the menu.  I can never decide whether the breakfast menu or the lunch menu is more appealing to me.  It was nice to see that there were some “brunch” items on the specials menu so that we could choose sandwiches OR french toast.  Interestingly enough, we chose both!

My mom ordered the Grilled Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich.  I was actually considering this myself.  It was a beauty of a sandwich – roasted turkey breast on thick cut cinnamon bread with cranberry spread and swiss cheese.  The combination is just funky enough to get my attention and, from what my mom said, worked very well together!  It was served with a pickle spear and veggie chips.



Mrs. M ordered the Cinnamon French Toast.  It looked and smelled terrific and was topped with a “healthy” dollop of butter.  The quandary was syrup or no syrup.  In the end the decision was it was delicious on its own!


Normally I would have ordered something from the brunch selections because I absolutely love it when someone else cooks breakfast food for me – especially the Hershey Pantry; but when we walked in and I saw the soup selections on the specials board, I knew I had to order the Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Shredded Gouda.  Who could argue with that?  As I was waiting for the soup to come, I was hoping that it didn’t just sound like a great soup, but that it actually was a great soup.  It did not disappoint.  It was so flavorful and had a great creamy texture, although I don’t believe there was any cream in it.

To go with the soup, I ordered the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich. After all, what goes better with a good cup of soup than a grilled cheese?  The Ultimate has four cheeses, tomatoes and basil in it…..ahhhh!  It was also served with a pickle spear and veggie chips.  It was great paired with the roasted red pepper soup.

The service was attentive, but not intrusive and the price was just right … thanks for lunch – and a great day – mom!


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