Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

Well tonight was the last night of the 13-week Bible study I started with some amazing women back in September.  We had a spectacular final evening of fun, food and fellowship with one another.

We also shared what we learned throughout the study. And I must say it was a remarkable journey.  To have a place where you can be completely transparent and find love and support rather than hate and criticism is a truly rare thing.  I appreciate all the women who walked with me and with whom I walked on this road.

While I know the enemy will still try to fill my head with his lies; I am so grateful for the strategies I learned to recognize the lies and put them behind me, along with their messenger.  If you have the opportunity to participate in the Me, Myself and Lies Bible study by Jennifer Rothschild, I would recommend it – particularly at Daybreak Church in Mechanicsburg.  Daybreak extended the study from 6 to 13 weeks and included lots of bonus material and many extra exercises that were so helpful.

A special thank you to Ardeth, Beth, Denise and Glenda for leading our sometimes ragtag group of travelers and keeping us on the right path.  Your grace and mercy were invaluable.  And thanks for the great food and great times this evening.  It truly was a living example that cooking, eating and entertaining can serve God and others!

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