I Could Just…

Whew…..today has been a busy day!  I began by getting up early (those of you who know me well will groan on my behalf when I tell you I got up at 5:30 a.m.) to have breakfast with my dad while my mom had some minor surgery.  After seeing for myself that my mom was doing fine, my plan was to head home and catch some zzz’s. But on the way home I started the “I could just” game.

I thought to myself, “I could just run to the grocery store for a few things before I go home and have a nap.”  Then on the way to the grocery store, I thought, “I could just run to Ross’s to look for that serving dish before I go to the grocery store.”  So I did a quick scan of Ross’s and then went to Wegman’s for a few things. On my travels I talked to Jeff and he told me he’d taken some ground veal and pork out of the freezer and asked me to pick up some ground beef to add to it for a meatloaf.

I was hungry when I got home so I thought I’d cook up some quinoa and while I was at it, I thought, “I could just cook up some extra quinoa and test that salad recipe I’ve been working on.”  Well, while the quinoa was cooking, I thought to myself, “I could just mix up that meatloaf and get it in the oven.”  And while the meatloaf was in the oven and I was finishing up the quinoa salad, I thought to myself, “I could just whip up a small batch of that chocolate yogurt I’ve been meaning to make.”  And since the kitchen was already a mess I thought to myself, “I could just put a quick rub on the pork loin so I can test a new recipe.” So I did all those things…..

And then I thought, “Aahhhhh, nap time.”  But the coffee table in the living room was covered with the ornaments I’d taken off the tree yesterday and so I thought to myself, “I could just put those away before I lay down.”  Which lead me to think, “I could just pack all the Christmas decorations while I’m at it.” And I remembered that yesterday I had washed the table runners that were decorating the tables over the holidays and put them in the dryer, so I went into the laundry room to get them from the dryer and thought to myself, “I could just put a load of laundry in the washer before I lay down.”  So I did.

And one thing lead to another and here it is 6:34 p.m. and I still haven’t had a nap.  BUT….my Christmas decorations are all packed; I’ve got 3 loads of laundry done; and I’ve made a delicious quinoa salad with crispy prosciutto & ginger lime vanilla vinaigrette (lunch for the next few days), one full-sized meatloaf and 8 mini meatloaves (dinner for tomorrow evening), and a small batch of chocolate yogurt (In Case of Emergency); and as I write, a cinnamon rubbed pork loin with figs is roasting in the oven (sounds like dinner to me).  And I’ve recorded, photographed, and posted 3 recipes and written this post.

You know, before I go to bed I could just….

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