Gone Fishing…..

……ok, not fishing; but you have to admit it got your attention!  Actually, Jeff and I just completed a three day, two night guided kayak and camping trip offered by the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery School and we had a blast.

Those of you who know me know I am not really a camper, but I am typically up for an adventure.  Truth be told, the camping did test my limits a bit (especially the first night; but after that you’re already dirty and smelly so what’s one more night); but it was a small price to pay for the spectacular scenery we were able to see that we never would have been able to see by touring any other way.  Casco Bay is so beautiful and all the islands we visited or cruised past were so intriguing.

And we adventured with some interesting people – Susan, Cindy, DJ, Andy, Laura, Lee, Emily & Natalie – who we likely would never have met otherwise.  Our guides – Kevin and Bob – were incredibly knowledgeable, not just about kayaking, but about many other topics as well.  They shared great insights about the area, the wildlife, history, etc.

AND Bob and Kevin were great camp cooks.  We were well fed – lobster and steak the first night, pancakes and omelets for breakfast, chicken fajitas on night two, warm brownies on the beach, gingerbread with whipped cream – need I say more?

Well, probably not, but you know me….I will say [or rather write] more once the full vacation adventure is over.  For now, just a huge thanks to Kevin & Bob.  They made our anniversary one we will always remember and for that we are incredibly grateful!

Here are a few of the pics:

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