Getting There is Half the Fun

Today was the first day of my absolute favorite weekend of the year.  Jeff and I take an annual trip to Newport, R.I. and for the last two years we have been going with good friends – the kind of friends who are like family!

Jeff & I and Jenny & Tom met up with Holly & Jeff at Holly & Jeff’s house AT the appointed time – 9:00 a.m.  Anyone who knows me knows it’s miraculous that I was (A) on time and (B) on time in the morning!  But we were.  And it’s a good thing we left when we did because we hit lots of traffic starting around the George Washington Bridge in NYC.

We were slowed to such a rate that Jeff was able to take some really cool pics of the bridge:

Crossing the GW BridgeCrossing the GW Bridge 2Typically we cross the GW Bridge without much fanfare and then make it to Super Duper Weenie (SDW) in Fairfield, CT by 12:30 or 1:00 pm.  We were really behind schedule making it to Fairfield just before 2:00 pm.  So we were HHHUUUNNNGGGRRRYYY!

We descended on SDW, placed our orders and went to the “dining room” to find a spot at the picnic tables.  While we waited for our food we hit the potty, gawked at the decor and did our usual round of laughing our butts off (if only)!

The Creepy Weenie at Super Duper Weenie Holly's Creme Soda Felty at Super Duper Weenie

Here’s a glimpse at the menu:

SDW Menu

The food came in stages and was INCREDIBLE!

The Horitz’s ordered 2 dogs with cheese, 1 Georgia Red Hot,1 Californian and fries. The Feltenberger’s ordered 1 Georgia Red Hot, 1 Cinncinnatian, 2 Kraut Dogs W/MUSTARD, and fries.  Jeff and I ordered 1 Georgia Red Hot, 1 Dixie Dog, 1 Chillie/Cheese, and fries.

Here’s how it looked:

Horitz's Haul

Horitz’s Haul

Felty's Haul

Felty’s Haul

Groff's Haul

Groff’s Haul

The Fries

The Fries

You know the food is good when the aftermath looks like this:

The AftermathThe Carnage

With full bellies and happy hearts, we left SDW and hit the road for Newport.  Unfortunately, traffic was not much better…..but alas, we made it to Newport just after 4:00 – in time to drive through town and see the sunset on Ocean Drive.

Saying Hi to the Ocean at Sunset

Jenny & Tom Jeff Holly & Jeff

Although we didn’t last long outside – it is ccccccfreezing here – we appreciated the smell of the ocean and seeing the beautiful orange sun dip down below the horizon.  Next the annual trek to the liquor store to stock up on wine and scotch for the weekend. And finally to our hotel.

We’re staying in a new place this year.  We usually stay at the Hyatt Regency on Goat Island, but my travel savvy hubby found a terrific deal at what appeared to be a beautiful hotel.  We arrived to find our townhouse exceeded our expectations!

Our Bed Our Bathroom Our Soap Dish

This is gonna be ONE GREAT WEEKEND!

In just a few minutes we’re leaving for dinner at our favorite restaurant – The Salvation Cafe.  Stay tuned for pics and a review!

Thanks, Jackie and Caleb for watching our dogs!!!!!!

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