I received a text message from my younger niece, Ashley, last night.  It read, “hey!  wanted to tell you I just made my first banana bread! but I used oatmeal flour and added white chocolate chips! :)”

I am happy as a clam (funny phrase, isn’t it) that Ashley texted me her news.  Having no children of my own, I am immensely grateful for my relationship with my nieces and nephews.  They are my link to the next generation and generations to come.  They keep me as hip as I possibly can be and they are the reason I keep up with technology!  Texting has kept me in contact with my nieces throughout their college careers and I can glimpse into their lives and the life of my older nephew on Facebook (no, I don’t consider it stalking)!

But back to Ashley’s bread…..after I received the initial text, we texted back and forth a few times – me asking if I could blog about her bread, her filling me in on where she got the recipe (Pinterest) and how she adapted it to the ingredients she had on-hand, and me, of course, requesting a photo.

Ashley explained to me that she originally pinned the recipe because it contained dark chocolate and raspberries; but since she didn’t have either and she wanted to bake (I love her), she simply added the white chocolate chips she did have!  The recipe came from a website entitled Yelton Manor Tour but tracks back to a blog entitled Ambitious Kitchen, The Perfect Slice of Life.

I waited while her bread baked and finally received a text with the following picture attached.

Ashleys Banana Bread

According to Ashley, the bread is, “so good!”

I’ve written about this previously, but it bears repeating….food connects!  The love of cooking and baking connects!  And of course, technology – no matter how resistant I can be to it – connects!

I can’t wait until Ashley and I have a chance to bake together again.  Until then, we’ll have to settle for sharing our kitchen experiences via text.  And until then I will remain grateful that she thinks of me when she is spending time in the kitchen!!!

I love you, Ash!!! <3

My kitchen time today includes testing recipes for:

  • watermelon sorbet and cinnamon rubbed pork loin (for a class I’ll be teaching at the Kitchen Shoppe in June)
  • beef wellington appetizers (for a catering job at the end of this month)


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