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I realized today that even though I’ve only been Blogging about food since September of last year; I’ve been Jlogging about food for a lot longer!

Front Cover w FlowersI’ve spent the majority of the day committing to paper recipes for a class I am teaching in a few weeks; and, as often happens when I am thinking about things I’ve made in the past, I pulled out my food journal.  It will come as no surprise to those of you who have read past posts that I got sidetracked!  My self-diagnosed ADD kicked in AGAIN and with a smile on my face I traveled down memory lane.

My food journal is a beautiful brown-leather covered volume that I swore I would keep in pristine condition – I vowed to only write in it in my best handwriting.  Ahhh, the best laid plans…… A few of the pages began neatly – with legible printing; but over time they have become splattered and spilled upon and you can see some days where my passion for what I was recording overtook my desire to write neatly!  That’s how passion goes….

In my journal I have:

  • Recorded recipes that I have created.
  • Documented what Jeff & I made for holidays or other times we’ve entertained.
  • Noted recipes to try in the future – from magazines, books, television shows.  Some I’ve gotten around to and some still remain untested.
  • Recorded items we purchased on trips to some of our favorite markets and specialty food stores, including Di Bruno Brothers in Philadelphia – a store about which I’ve written recently.  Sometimes I stuck in labels from cheese packages or wrote in the name of the person who waited on us because they were especially helpful.
  • Jotted down the meals we’ve eaten on trips we’ve taken – some memorable and some – now that I look back –  not so.
  • Made notes when trying to replicate a food item I’ve eaten in a restaurant.  Some items have multiple cross-outs and scratch-throughs until I got them the way I like them.
  • Foreshadowed the name of my blog.  In early 2007 there is an entry entitled ‘Mmm mmm mmm Recipes’ that includes a list of recipes to try from Giada DiLaurentiis’ show Everyday Italian and Ellie Krieger’s show Healthy Appetite.

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Even in it’s somewhat tattered state, I love this journal because it reminds me of places I’ve been, recipes I’ve tested, people I’ve entertained, foods I’ve enjoyed and memories I’ve made.  And it is beautiful because it’s not perfect.  It’s filled with successes and failures, beauty and scars, times I’ve adjusted course, and times I’ve gotten things right on the first try.  It reminds me of what was going on at different times – both good and bad. It’s kind of like life that way.


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