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The old expression, “Water seeks its own level” is true.  Somehow, almost magically, we attract people who are like us. In my case, it’s a good thing because I love being around other foodies – and especially foodies who like to write about their adventures with food!

In the last week, two of those foodie/writers have shared their writing with me.  (If only I could get them to share their cooking with me……but that’s a lament for another day!)  Anyhoooo…..with their permission, I am sharing their writing with you too.

The first “share” was from my cousin Mic.  Mic and I both LOVE to cook and, more precisely, love to cook together when we can; however we live about 2 hours away from one another and both have busy schedules, so the opportunity rarely presents itself. Although we keep threatening to make time to get together for a marathon cooking weekend! Until we can schedule time together we email and text frequently and some of those texts include snapshots of recipes in progress.

Last week, rather than receiving a quick synopsis of what’s been going on in Mic’s kitchen and his life, I received a story he wrote for his mom (my Aunt Pam – about whom I’ve previously written on the blog).  Immediately after reading it, I emailed him back with a hearty LMAO and asked if I could share the story with you.

So without further ado……

The Stalks of Wrath
by Mic Mulicka

Mic's Story Image

I hope you enjoyed Mic’s story as much as I did – although the outcome was less-than-favorable, the writing is excellent and his depiction of life in the garden is spot on!

The second “share” happened yesterday at work and was one of those funny moments where someone you’ve been thinking about materializes right before your very eyes.  That person was my new friend Nikki.  I met Nikki when she and her mom took one of my classes and we talked afterward. Nikki has a passion for cooking, which, of course, connected us.  Last time she and her mom (and some other family members) took one of my classes, Nikki told me that she’s going to Italy in March.  Was I a little jealous?  Absolutely!  But I am thrilled that Nikki is going to have some wonderful culinary and life experiences on the trip.  And Nikki has agreed to teach an Italian class with me after she returns from her trip, so I’ll get to experience Italy through Nikki!

But I digress….AGAIN. On Monday I was thinking about Nikki – wondering when she was leaving for her trip and when I’d see her again.  Then, boom, she comes into the shop yesterday and, although I was not technically working the register, I happened to be helping out during a busy time and she was the first person I helped.  I love God’s timing!!!!  Although there was a line of customers waiting to check out, Nikki and I excitedly fit about 30 minutes of conversation into the time it took to ring her transaction!  During that time she told me she had started a blog.  Her intention is to write about her trip in near-real-time.

Nikki gave me her blog info and as soon as I got home, I visited her site to read what she has written so far.  One of the really cool things about reading other people’s food blogs is that you get really good recipe ideas.  I can’t wait to try making a ‘Caramelized Onion, Apple, Bacon and Blue Cheese Pizza.’  YUM!

To read about Nikki’s adventures in food (and eventually in Italy), visit Journey of a Small Town Girl with Big Taste!!!  I’m going to hold Nikki to her promise of teaching with me, so stay tuned for a class entitled Nikki’s Italy – likely in Fall 2015!

Mic and Nikki are not the only foodie/writer friends that I have made along the way.  There are many others. And I’m so glad they’re all out there.  We feed one another…..literally and figuratively!!!!

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