Chickens and Piglets and Cows, Oh My!

Hangin' Out at the Water Cooler Ppppiglet Calf

I had a busy, but fun day today.  It started at the Weis Exposition Hall of the Farm Show Building for the unveiling of the Today’sAgriculture exhibit. You know, it’s Farm Show time?  It officially kicks off on Saturday so we can expect snow on Friday!!!!

Bob Stallman, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation and keynote speaker, explained that, “Short of bringing a consumer to the farm, this [exhibit] is the best way to educate people about modern farming.”  He lamented that, “Many of us are 5 or 6 generations removed from farming, which creates a knowledge gap.”

He went on to talk about how farmers can get factual information to consumers about how food is produced and explained that “influencers” are a key method of achieving information dissemination.  He identified television chefs, bloggers (yeah!) and main stream media as some of the “influencers” and he talked about the changing role of social media in communication between farmers and consumers.

The event certainly gave me a different perspective on farming than I had before and also offered several perspectives from which to view farms and farming – economic, environmental, ethical, etc.

AND there were cute animals! And, in my opinion, some not-so-cute feathered creatures. Nevermind that they will one day be someone’s food – perhaps mine…I choose, despite the education I received today, to continue to believe that meat comes on styrofoam and wrapped in plastic!

In looking through my pics from the event, you will notice I was fascinated with the enormous tires on the farm equipment!  I also took many John Deere pics for my friend Brian!

After leaving the Farm Show I headed to Little Amps Coffee Roasters for an Uptown Ginger Brown – a great coffee drink – and some quiet to do a bit of reading.  The atmosphere at Little Amps is funky yet peaceful and my drink, although pricey, was divine!

Uptown Ginger Brown 2From Little Amps I headed to the Kitchen Shoppe for some chicken stock and then home to make some Scrippelle Soup…..mmm mmm mmm.  Scrippelle is a memory from my childhood….a recipe my grandmother probably made thousands of times in her lifetime and which her family loved.  Eating Scrippelle reminds me of being a kid and hanging out with my grandfather…..who is still among the best friends I’ve ever had.  Scrippelle is a specialty from the Abruzzi region of Italy, where my grandmother’s family resided. They’re traditionally thin egg crepes that are sprinkled with parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper, rolled into tight cigars, and placed in the bottom of a bowl that is then filled with piping hot, clear chicken broth.

Eggs & Olive Oil Beaten Eggs Olive Oil Water and Salt Salt Flour Scrippell in Pan Scrippelle Coolking (2)

As I was making the crepes, my mom called to ask if she could come over and wash a load or two of towels.  Her washer is on the fritz and won’t be fixed until tomorrow, but just in case the repair person doesn’t show she wanted to be prepared.  She offered to bring dinner – an offer I could not refuse.  Not only did she bring dinner, which she, my dad, and enjoyed together (and Jeff enjoyed later in the evening when he got home from a basketball game); but she also helped me fill and roll my scrippelle – offering tips along the way.

Filling Scrippelle Rolled Scrippelle _DSC0291

After dinner, while the towels dried, my dad became totally engrossed in a book and my mom and I watched two episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.  One was the Paris episode and the other was the Rio episode.  My mom was able to give some perspective on the Paris episode as she and my dad took a trip there a few years ago.

After the laundromat closed, I set to work on uploading photos from the day and writing this post.  Like I said, it was a busy day – filled with a wide variety of activities – but it was so much fun!

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