Camaraderie – Shopping, Sophia’s, Etc.

I had a GREAT day today.  Looking in from the outside, you may look at my day and ask, “Why in the world would anyone say THIS was a great day?”  But from the minute I woke up, things were wonderful!

My day began early, but with a cup of coffee that was like solace in a steaming mug.  Typically Jeff makes the coffee in the morning because he makes much better coffee than I do; however this morning I was up first and sprinkled a light dusting of cinnamon into the ground coffee before I brewed it.  Ooh, how I love this – the smell, the taste……who can complain?

My dear friend Holly picked me up at my house and we met my mom at our rendezvous point and then shopped for wall art at a local outlet that is only open to the public every 6 weeks.  We had fun going through dusty boxes of pictures and mirrors and finding treasures for our walls.  It was a good example of teamwork – we picked things for each other, guarded the single cart we had to fight for, and acted as the voice of reason for one another. It’s funny how much relating you do when you’re shopping!  You tell stories, learn about one another’s tastes, and catch up on current happenings.

Sophia's on Market

Photo from Sophia’s on Market website.

After shopping we headed to Sophia’s on Market in Camp Hill for coffee and a snack. When we arrived we collectively decided that the shopping had made us hungry and we’d have lunch instead.  Oh darn, I had no choice but to order one of my many favorite sandwiches!

I chose the Marinated Roast Beef on French Baguette. Mmm mmm mmm.  The baguette is warmed slightly (not toasted) and brushed with mayo (which mixes nicely with the marinade to make the sandwich a little messy – but in a good way). The sandwich is topped with red onion, dark leaf lettuce and melted provolone. For my choice of a side dish I decided on the creamy potato salad.  It is one of my all time favorite potato salads except for consistently being under-salted in my opinion.

As difficult as it was for me, I saved half my sandwich for Jeff, who was at home mowing grass and aerating the yard.  AND as much as I wanted one, I didn’t order a Grammy’s Chocolate Cookie.  They are hands-down my favorite cookie.  They are fudgey and although they are well-baked, they remind me of eating the thick, chocolately batter right out of the bowl.  They are topped with sugar crystals and are just the right texture to dip into a cup of coffee.

I had chance meetings with two former classmates from my Leadership Harrisburg Area – Community Leadership Series class today – one while shopping and one at Sophia’s.  I hadn’t talked to either of them since graduation last May so it was nice to catch up and to be reminded of the fun we had learning and growing together. Our class – the best class – was composed of amazing individuals desiring to be servant leaders in their communities.  What a treat is was to see Andrew and Beth.

After lunch, I returned home to shampoo the carpets in the house, spend a little time in the yard with Jeff, and do some reading.  While cleaning is not on my list of favorite activities, the moment of joy I experience when I stand back to look at a completed job is!

My day was filled with reminders of the varied relationships I am fortunate to participate in.  And, as Gary Smalley says, “Life is relationships; the rest is just details.”  I do not lead the world’s most exciting life; but I am leading a life that makes me smile. I am blessed with acquaintances, friends and family with whom I can shop, dine, learn, labor, cook, eat and entertain!

*If you are reading this, Tracey H., thanks to you I finally learned how to spell camaraderie!!!!

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    • Lol……maybe I will do something like the Taste of Home toothpick where if you find your name in a blog post within a certain time limit you’ll win a prize!!!! It’s good to look back on my time at my last job and have some happy memories – you’re definitely part of the majority of the good ones!

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