Breezy and Cool in the Garden

This morning I awoke to a bright blue sky with puffy clouds.  When I looked out the window at the garden, I could see patches of sunlight highlighting the plants.  And the garden called to me….and my camera.

As much as I love to stroll through the garden peeking under leaves, behind stakes and around twine ties; I do not love the heat and humidity of summer.  But this morning the temperature was mild, the humidity low and the breeze inviting.  In other words, the perfect day for snapping some photos amid the blooms.

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As you can see….the warm weather and frequent rains are helping things along in the garden.  The tomatoes, berries, and eggplants, although not yet ripe, are happily sunning themselves and growing plump.

As I plodded through the soft grass, my bare feet grew damp with warm dew. And while taking pics in the herb bed and lightly brushing up against the plants, my nose was treated to the delicate smell of fresh dill, thyme and oregano.  I so appreciate these magical mornings of summer – waking up to a rare cool day is like finding a lost treasure – a gem or gold coin glinting ‘just so.’

While editing my pictures from this morning’s stroll around the yard I came across photos from a late-May road trip with friends to the Big Valley.  That day was such fun, meandering through the countryside, celebrating time together, and enjoying some yummy food.  I hadn’t seen these photos prior to this morning (shame on me, I’ve been so busy that they were lost in the depths of my camera’s memory card).  I can’t resist sharing these photos as well.


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Especially the photos of rusty old equipment.  I’m not sure what draws me to old, dilapidated, rusty bits and pieces.  Perhaps it’s imagining their former glory, or maybe it’s the character the rust gives them – like laugh lines and wrinkles on older faces – the suggestion of wisdom and experience!

How lucky I am to have received two gifts this morning – a beautiful day for sneaking around the garden and the memory of a fun day spent with friends.  Yes, I am blessed!

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