Behind the Scenes: Dinner for 14 – Day 2

This coming Saturday evening Jeff and I are hosting dinner for 14 at our house.  If you read Behind the Scenes: Dinner for 14 – Day 1, you know we are working from a daily schedule to prepare for the dinner on Saturday.  This morning I made myself a warm and healthy breakfast.  I made steel cut oatmeal and topped it with a tablespoon of low-fat peanut butter, a sliced banana, a tablespoon of dried peaches, a teaspoon each of chia seeds, ground flax seed, pepitas, and sunflower seeds.

While eating, I reviewed our schedule for the day, which looks like this….

Jeff –

  • Work
  • Buy Hooks for pictures
  • Shop at BJ’s with Mimi
  • Buy Wine/Beer

Jan –

  • Prep for consulting meeting on Wednesday
  • Photos for blog posts
  • Write blog posts
  • Laundry
  • MM&L Bible study

As you can see, the schedule at the beginning of the week is light in terms of party prep.  Things will really begin to pick up on Wednesday; but throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday Jeff and I will both be thinking about our tasks, developing our mini plans of attack, and thinking of things we may have forgotten.  Also, if there is extra time during the day (hahahaha – when is there ever extra time?), we can look ahead on the schedule to see if there is anything we can complete ahead of schedule.  The more we can get done in advance, the less there will be to create stress the day of the party!

But for today, getting tasks out of the way that will impede progress later in the week is what we are concentrating on.  So far, so good!

One thought on “Behind the Scenes: Dinner for 14 – Day 2

  1. There is often a forgotten task that doesn’t get assigned to the schedule; but never fear, I just pressed self-clean on the oven and the oven cleaning fairies are at work!!!

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