A Recipe….for Fresh-Smelling Carpeting

Thursday night Jeff set himself a difficult task….to trim Macy’s nails.  Like many dogs, Macy resists this grooming chore – not strenuously, but enough to make it difficult.  And Thursday evening was no exception.  She doesn’t squirm too much, but she burrows into whatever small space she can – hiding her feet as much as possible.

So it is no great surprise that Jeff accidentally cut one of the nails past the quick.  What is surprising is that Macy didn’t show any sign of discomfort, nor did it bleed right away.  So Jeff cut as many of her nails as he could and let her ‘escape’ when she’d had enough.  It wasn’t until several minutes later that I walked into the bathroom to see blood on the floor.  Then I headed through the bedroom and into the living room to see that our [off-white] carpeting now looked like a crime scene!

Jeff got a bucket of water and some carpet cleaner and began working on the spots.  At first it seemed like the spots were improving, but when the carpeting began to dry we could see that it wasn’t better; but actually was worse.  So Saturday morning we rented a steam cleaner and Jeff cleaned the carpets [which incidentally needed to be done anyway so although the nail trimming experience wasn’t fun for Macy it did lead us to cross an item off our To Do list].

Ok, those of you who have a dog or dogs know that when your carpeting gets wet – regardless of how frequently or infrequently you vacuum, it can smell like a wet dog in your house. And it sure did.

We opened some windows nice and wide to let the house air out and the carpeting dry.  While the drying was going on, we ran some errands and had a bite to eat.  When we returned home we both agreed that it still smelled like a wet dog, but thought since the carpeting was still damp we should wait until it dried to worry.

Sunday morning the wet dog smell was gone, but the carpeting itself still smelled ‘funky.’ [Special thanks to Jeff who took the bullet and actually got down and smelled the floor!]  We didn’t have any Carpet Fresh on hand so I decided to make a DIY version.

I put about 1 cup of baking soda into a canning jar.  I added 6 drops of doTerra lavender essential oil and 6 drops of doTerra lemon essential oil and stirred it vigorously with a fork until the oil was evenly distributed throughout the baking soda (don’t skimp on this step or your carpet refresher will clump in the jar).  Then I cut a piece of card stock to the size of jar mouth, used a mini hole punch to make my own shaker lid and secured it on the canning jar with the metal ring used to hold canning lids.

Jeff sprinkled the carpet refresher around the rooms and we let it sit for about 30 minutes, after which he vacuumed the carpets.  The scent transformation was amazing.  No longer was there a ‘funky’ smell in the house.  Just a nice freshness (almost neutral – definitely not perfumey in any way).

Here we are two days later and there is still no wet dog smell or ‘funky’ smell in the house.  Since I know you can become nose-blind in your own home, I asked my mom if she smelled anything out of the ordinary when she came into the house today and alas she did not.  I know she would tell me if she did because she is as hyper-sensitive about her house not smelling like her pets, as am I.

I’m sure oils other than lavender and lemon would work as well, but doTerra recommends those two (along with peppermint oil) for nearly everything – particularly in respect to cleaning/sanitizing your home.  I apologize to the manufacturers of Carpet Fresh and other carpet products; but I will not be going back.  I now have a chemical-free way of ridding my house of pet odors and other carpet ‘funk’ and I will be sticking to it.  It’s better for my family (two-footed members and four-footed members) and less expensive too!

Give it a try and let me know how you like it and/or if you have other chemical-free recipes for homekeeping to share!!!!

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