Tubtrug! Gesundheit

I recently attended a meeting of the Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library Food for Thought Cookbook Club.  If you’re wondering about the evening, read my post entitled Food for Thought.  Today, however, I am referencing my time with that group for a different reason.

GS Box in Sunlight

Today, I opened a box from Gardener’s Supply Company. Stay with me – you know I have a tendency to SEEMINGLY get sidetracked; but if you hang in there long enough, I usually bring it back around!

Why am I telling you about opening a box from Gardener’s Supply in conjunction to a reference to a cookbook club?  Well, while at the meeting of the cookbook club one of the members, Mona, began taking the dish she had made out of an interesting carrier that I hadn’t seenGS Box before.  At least I thought I hadn’t seen it before until she told me about it and then I realized I had seen it before, just not in the context of a food carrier.

The carrier she was using is called a Tubtrug and is from…..drumroll please….Gardener’s Supply (GS).  GS bills it as “one of the most useful gardening tools.”  Among other things, GS recommends using it for:

  • mixing soil
  • rinsing vegetables
  • repotting plants
  • feeding the dog (depending on the size of your dog and the size of your Tubtrug you could bath the dog in a Tubtrug)
  • stashing mittens and/or hand tools
  • soaking your tired feet

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So in my many journeys through the GS catalog I have seen the Tubtrug, I just never thought of using it as a food carrier until I saw it in action and realized just how practical it is for the task.

I transport food quite a bit and I’ve had my fair share of spills and mishaps in my car – in fact, I had a run of several autos that were cursed with the smell of spilled milk and believe me if you’ve ever spilled milk in your car in the summer you know you DO cry over spilled milk.  But, I digress…..

I purchased the shallow 4-gallon Tubtrug – which measures 15″ in diameter at the top and is 6 1/2″ deep – perfect for many platters and bowls.  If something spills in it, you can easily rinse it out in the sink or with a hose AND you can buy a lid for the shallow 4-gallon Tubtrug – so I did.  The Tubtrug is flexible, but when you put the lid on it, it is less so – more sturdy and steady.  AND, Tubtrugs come in many sizes and colors.

Tubtrug & Lid

Tubtrug & Lid

I can envision using it not only to transport food, but also as an icy server for cold drinks at a picnic, as storage for large quantities of fruits from the market or for when I need a REALLY big bowl of chips!  I’m sure I’ll find many additional kitchen uses for my Tubtrug and will keep you posted if there are any especially great ones.

I suspect I might need to buy one or two more for in the garden as well. And I can envision them being great storage bins around the house too.

A quick search of ‘Tubtrug’ on Pinterest showed me the following uses for the Tubtrug:

  • toy storage
  • cleaning supply storage
  • mudroom storage (a different color for each family member)
  • laundry basket
  • pet toy storage
  • baby bathtub
  • hamper
  • tub toy storage

Do you have a Tubtrug?  How do you use it?

Thanks, Mona, for the suggestion.  I cannot wait to deliver a meal to someone just so I can use my new Tubtrug!!!

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